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multidisciplinary digital engineer

Let's face it. Marketing is changing and it's getting harder and harder for agencies to keep up. The pace in which consumers embrace a technology as their primary media channel has moved ahead of the ability of many advertisers to modify their strategies to match. Attention spans are shorter and communication is more often than not ignored. It's a case of evolve, or die.

Emerging technology and R&D are now the front lines of the frenzied race between consumer, advertiser, and brand. The creation of cutting edge new technologies by modern, flexible, and highly innovative teams comprised of engineers, digital creatives, and developers is required to counter a market that is evolving faster than agencies or advertising as a whole can change themselves. Starting now, the race is on to stay ahead and discover what new technologies can put people and brands together like never before.

My name is Josh Thomas and I am an engineer, developer, and designer with a deep understanding in how technology interacts with people. After earning a Bachelor of Science from Boston University, I went on to lead Creative Technology and R&D departments at some of the world’s largest communication groups in both North America and Asia, namely Isobar, Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnett.

As a constant experimenter, along the way I have developed technology solutions and founded companies for a wide range of industries and applications. This includes Excursion Boston, a pioneering real-time public transportation app way ahead of its time, and most recently, co-founding Glorious Labs, a global technology and innovation company, where I currently lead the technology team, spread between Hong Kong, London, and Singapore, as the Chief Technology Officer.

I am a dual citizen of both the United States and the European Union with both U.S. and French passports, and can legally work anywhere in either location without a visa.


new tools for new problems

I build teams that use only the most modern tools and frameworks. Here are my tools now.

Open Source Prototyping

The first step to building any new concept is to prototype its feasibility. Through the use of Open Source platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino circuit boards, 3D printed prototypes can create minimum viable prototypes with the lowest possible cost.


The software side of rapid prototyping, these languages allow our hardware to think. Add in communication over protocals like Node.JS/ even the most basic devices can talk. Internet of Things, meet Advertising. Lets make marketing a bit smarter.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) is the study and use of systems that capture and manipulation visual data from an environment. With frameworks such as OpenCV, paired with languages like Java, devices, applications, and even websites can be aware of who is using them, with highly immersive experiences with exceptional utilisation.

Agile Hardware Development

Experience matters more in hardware than any other area of the digial realm. I find that the Agile Method can be applied to the entire product development and production process - allowing for record speeds and lower costs in the production pipeline. Whether building widgets and gizmos for a one-off advertising campaign or a fully realised production, I have hardware development handled.


An experimental Javascript framework exceptional in its application for the future of web in the post-flat monitor world. Built in Three.JS for a world where both 360° and 3D are parts of our virtual experience, WebVR provides Virtual Reality content such as the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, in your browser or headset.

Modern Web Design & Development

Kind of a blanket term for a lot of really fun stuff - me and my team use only the most modern CSS3 or Sass + jQuery + HTML5 + material design when developing web solutions - ideally behind a framework such as Materialize or Foundation.


so what do i do?

Design, Code, Engineering, Innovation, and Strategy.

Creative Engineering

Part designer, part developer, part electrical engineer, and part pirate - I am not afraid to wrestle with complex problems that have no clear solution. These opportunities lie in platforms that are either just being invented, or have yet to realize their full potential. I focus on rapid prototyping of these concepts to create marketing tools that bring people and brands together on either a limited prototype run or, sometimes, in a full product production!

art && code

I have worn many hats in my career, but one thing remains the same - I build things. Design is where I began and is my true north throughout every roll that I inhabit. With a deep understanding of Art Directing how code and engineering join hand in hand with design, I don't just throw around terms like 'Mobile-First' and 'Responsive Design', I live them.


“Digital” doesn’t just mean “on a computer screen”. Open source micro controllers and sensors are allowing for a new generation of “phygital” OOH interactions. Branded experiences that, when interacted with, interact right back.

digital strategy

Sometimes the most obvious answer is actually the best. But many times these concepts are hindered by a lack of clear digital strategy and leadership. I provide start-to-finish strategy and innovative leadership to keep Agile projects agile.


recent experience

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