Gloria 360 Camera

When was the last time you carried a camera that wasn’t your smartphone? A DLSR, a point and shoot, an honest-to-god secondary device? A while, right?

The hard truth is that user behavior has moved beyond carrying individual cameras of any sort. The only camera we carry is the one in our phone.


Drag this video left, right, up, or down to see the camera's 360° video.
Click to view a sample 360° image on mobile.

Glorious was founded by ex-Facebook leadership with an aim to increase consumer & brand access to Virtual Reality photos and video with the world’s first user-shared WiFi enabled IOT 360° camera. Our unique camera is the world’s first product that allows consumers to capture spherical media using nothing but their own smartphone and a WiFi connection. Memorialising a key brand moments has never been easier.

To put it simply, we build free-to-use 360-degree cameras that live in high traffic areas, sponsored by and promoting major brands with the worlds most valuable online content. Simply connect over WiFi for an app-free experience on most modern phones using our unique “ WiFi Bridge™ “ technology.

Gloria branded for Absolut vodka.
Gloria with Grey Goose branding - showing the LED array used as both as an area flash as well as additional branded colour.
A Moet branded device in another colour scheme.
The camera is able to seemlessly fit into a club environment.
Some of our talented hardware teammates working on our camera sensors.

Starting with only the most simple prototypes to prove the concept, we stepped up our project through a series of sprints, with the hardware and software teams working in tandem, in order to test concepts and iterate through solutions faster than traditional hardware companies.