The Holo-Wall

Gesture technology is one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas of emerging technology available today. Starting with Nintendo Wii, becoming commonplace with the Microsoft Kinect, gesture interactions are just beginning to move out of the 'video game' realm and into our everyday life.

Using Natural User Interfaces, the option to create fully immersive window shopping experiences based on projected images onto specially prepared glass, complete with a 3D camera has finally moved out of Science Fiction and into its spot in modern marketing.

Projected interfaces allow for Minority Report-like interactions.

This prototype was to demonstrate the concept to a number of jewelry companies in Hong Kong who needed a solution to promote and sell their product in the night hours when the store was closed. These holograms allow the customers to move around the products with their hands, inspect details, and even purchase or ask for more information via their smart phone.

The screen starts with basic Natural User Interface gestures such as a wave to unlock and then moves to more complex motions.

In order to design such a complex and new type of user interaction, an entirely different type of design brief was required for the developers. Some excerpts are shown below.

An example of some of the gestures designed for the project.
It was also proposed as part of a solution for 7-11.