Ogilvy Node

Ogilvy Node is an API built off a common JavaScript library for server-side, instant communication between digital devices.

Using a QR code to connect, smart phones can instantly connect to a digital screen allowing for 'Wii-like' interactivity. The phone is now a “game controller, allowing for buttons, gestures, or sounds to be both transmitted and received.

A quick scan and the user is connected.
An explination of the controls and the user is engaged with a brand like never before.

With platform level benefits to the agency, first-to-market options for clients, and a unique selling point for the media owner, the Node platform is built around a 'everyone wins' strategy that I hold necessary for the future of advertising.

Essentially, it forms a bridge between your phone and a digital OOH screen.
That can allow for multiple users to play the same game, at the same time.
The user and the screen...
connected like never before.