Shop Elsewhere

My first Cannes award-winning campaign for the Direct Marketing Category, this shopping platform was designed to mimic the functionality of the product suggestion engine on sites such as Amazon, but in the real world. Conceptionally created along with the Ogilvy Head of Digital Strategy, I also lead the design and development of this platform.

When customers found a Shop Elsewhere tag on a piece of clothing or jewelery they were asked to scan to QR to discover what else nearby would work with the outfit.

Hong Kong is one of the shopping hubs of the planet. While it may seem an ideal place for new designers to set up shop, ultimately they are often squeezed out by the big players, unwilling to play with the competition. We at Ogilvy set out to change the landscape for the small guys with a campaign for the Hong Kong Independent Designers Association. By organzing small design boutiques together and selling products together, they were able to reach a larger audience that otherwise would be impossible.

Giving customers recomendations to match with existing designs, while also helping them navigate the maze of Hong Kong stores to find unique offers in locations beyond the streetfront stores often out of the budget for new designers.

After scanning the QR code, users were given details of the associated piece as well as dynamic maps to find it in the crowded Hong Kong shopping landscape.

Ultimately generating an unprecidented amount of press, beyond what we could of possibly expected, it went on to win at Cannes, Clios, London International Awards, and Hong Kong's own Kam Fans.

Shop Elsewhere Online

Hong Kong is only the start. Shop Elsewhere is expanding to other major cities in Asia. Independent designers finally have a platform that allows theme to compete with the major brands.