Vidal Sassoon Colour

Vidal Sassoon came to Leo Burnett looking for a new way to bring customers to their vast range of at-home hair colouring products, but facing a challange that they felt was insurmountable - how to help customers choose the correct product in the privacy of their own homes. Unlike professional stylists, home hair colourists have little understanding that their base hair colour, thickness, absorbancy, and shine will drastically affect the final resulting dyed colour. Back-of-the-box instructions can only go so far, as they have to be standardized between any possible user, from those with blond shiny hair to those with darker thick hair.

Unaware that technology existed that could help at-home customers decide on exactly what products to buy - in the form of a Computer Vision based algorithm baked into native iOS and Android tablet applications - my creative technology department quickly moved to prototype an application that could help at-home colourists choose the correct products as accurately as a professional stylist.

The application uses the tablets camera to capture information about the users hair.

Through a quick photo that is automatically triggered once the application recognises that a person is in the right position the application's unique Computer Vision scanning algorithm starts to identify details about the users hair, like Colour, Straightness, Complexity, Shine, and Density.

Not only was the algorithm able to deturmine these 5 data points, it also could locate where in the photo they related to.

With this key calibration data, the application could then ask the user what the desired goal was. Going from one hair colour to another is easy once there is a base calibration.

Once the application has calibrated itself with the user, a simple swipe toward the general desired hair colour can give user-specific details for how it can best be manipulated.

The further the user swiped toward a colour, the darker they wished to dye it.
After dragging to the desired colour - simply release to select the shade.

And there it is - the two pieces of information needed to help customers make an informed decision about the correct Vidal Sassoon product: their current hair information and the desired hair result. Between these two macro data sets, products can be accurately suggusted that will actually give the desired result.

After finding the correct product the user is prompted to both buy the product via Amazon, as well as watch a tailored video explaining how to use it, presented by the Lead Stylist of Vidal Sassoon.