I've spent my career working in a diverse cross-section of industries, including some of the world's largest creative agencies, toy manufacturers, award-winning tech startups, consultancies and transformational digital agencies. I’ve developed solutions to challenges across a vast array of sectors including (but not limited to) health, agriculture, advertising & marketing, transportation, intergovernmental, and energy. I've worked as a designer, creative director, creative technologist, software developer, hardware engineer, and product owner and I’m always looking for new ways to round out my proudly jack-of-all-trades skill set. As a passionate globalist, I've worked on three continents and have experience in Asia, Europe, and North America. In my free time, I do what makes me happiest; I make things. I brew beer, I cook food, I create art and I design inventive gadgets and products for my house.

Every day and every project, I embrace the unknown and strive to understand more about what's driving change both inside and outside of today's businesses. I hunt for organizations and products that could evolve to meet new consumer needs. I discover the inventors who will become welcome partners in solving never-before-seen problems with never-before-seen solutions.

• Winner of the United Nations Development Program’s ‘2020 Global Innovator Award’

• Winner of the United Nations Development Program’s 2019 ‘Cultiv@te Award for Innovation in Sustainable Agriculture’

• Winner of ‘Top Pick’ in the AR/VR category, Tech Crunch Disrupt 2018

Work History


Hacker in Residence

Mach49 helps Global 1000 companies develop a pipeline and portfolio of successful new ventures by Disrupting InsideOut™ — creating, building and launching new ventures generated from within their organizations — and Disrupting OutsideIn™ — designing and managing world-class corporate venture groups.

As a Hacker in Residence, I function as a Product Lead/Technology Lead /Mentor for Mach49 venture group, creating hypothesis based tickets for production tasks, envisioning product features, managing the team, acting as a thought leader, and functioning as the Chief Technology Officer or Chief Product Officer-for-hire.

Key Accomplishments:

  • I am a founding member of the Mach49 Product Hacker Team, primarily focused on the production, manufacturing, engineering, and design of experiments, Wizard-of-Oz prototypes, and MVPs used by the Accelerate team and other Mach49 groups.


Karakoram Innovation

Karakoram is a global Developmental Innovation Consultancy that disrupts conventional thinking and builds solutions to the world's toughest challenges. We use rapid prototyping and Agile production methods to create everything from physical and digital platforms, organizational design, and experimental policy.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Karakoram was selected for the United Nations Development Program's Cultiv@te challenge for innovation in agriculture technology


Chief Innovation Officer & President N. America
New York City | London

I was asked to create and lead the Brandwidth New York City office, with a specific focus on business & product innovation consultancy. In this role, I directly led Brandwidth’s relationship with the United Nations, with whom Brandwidth was named Innovation Partner of Record in February 2020.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Led office from founding to profitability in less than 1 year, culminating in the six-person NYC office accounting for nearly 20% of global Brandwidth revenue in FY20, despite accounting for less than 4% of the global staff size.
  • Led client development with both traditional brands such as Toyota and DOW, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations.
  • Led product development on all United Nations projects, including platforms for improving diplomacy in shared Augmented Reality spaces, as well as unlocking refugees as a workforce-for-good, proving the viability of a ‘For-Good/For-Profit’ model.


Head of Innovation & Product

I joined Brandwidth to assist in the planned transition of the firm from a digital advertising agency into an innovation consultancy with improved margins and profitability. Applying a focus on new technologies, methodologies, and tools, Brandwidth Innovation was redesigned from the ground up to tackle human-centric innovation & disruption challenges for clients like Toyota, API, DOW/DuPont, and the British Government.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Pivoted the Brandwidth ‘Augmented Reality’ development team away from marketing and applied for opportunities within the government, NGO, and defense sectors, winning contracts against incumbents such as Airbus Defence and SDS Defence.
  • Led the team which applied for, and won, the first innovation hardware grant from the UK HM’s Government Digital Service. This £550,000 grant was offered to fund the world's first Augmented Reality ‘X-Ray Vision’ platform, allowing emergency response officers to see their workers inside a compromised building.


Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Product Officer
Glorious Labs
London | Hong Kong

Glorious Labs was co-founded by myself and a Facebook SVP for whom I was working as a consultant, researching improvements to Facebook’s ‘SocialVR’ efforts around Oculus. The project was dedicated to improving the way ‘average consumers’ capture & share 360° content. This project was spun off into an independent company in 2015.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Led all design, engineering and product development, including electrical &, mechanical engineering, software development, product design, and factory manufacture; managing a budget of USD$1,400,000.
  • Won ‘Top Pick’ in the AR/VR category at Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco, 2018


Creative Technologist
Leo Burnett
Hong Kong

Within Leo Burnett Hong Kong I was largely focused on the development of creative direction/ creative technology solutions for clients across mainland China and abroad. This involved the development of custom Computer Vision platforms for clients like Vidal Sassoon, as well as physical hardware builds involving COTS open-source platforms.


Creative Director (R&D)
The Marketing Store
Hong Kong

The Marketing Store is the largest manufacturer of toys by volume on earth, designing and producing most of the McDonald's Happy Meals toys. I was hired by the global Director of Technology to research and prototype new ways of having phone and screen to toy interactions, studying new ways for children to play. This role offered a unique opportunity to split time between Hong Kong and the factories in Shenzhen China, as a senior creative in the R&D/Skunkworks department within a large manufacturer while expanding my abilities in rapid manufacture and physical R&D.


Regional Creative Technologist & Sr Art Director
Ogilvy & Mather
Hong Kong

I was recruited and relocated to Ogilvy Hong Kong from Isobar Boston to reboot Ogilvy's innovation, product, and R&D offerings for the wider China region. In this role my responsibilities involved working with new and existing clients to create new physical or digital products and platforms that might scale to solve individual market challenges. One of Ogilvy's first forays into product and innovation, the challenge of this role was managing the multicultural and multidisciplinary nature of the solutions, often involving multiple languages, cultures, and production skillsets including manufacture. Some of the challenges involved researching and prototyping new phone-to-world interactions over WeChat for nighttime shoppers in crowded Chinese cities, as well as the redevelopment of client products. This role allowed me to explore physical manufacture as well as electrical engineering as expanded options to solve entrepreneurial problems.


Innovation Designer
Boston, MA

I was hired at Isobar as their first 'Innovation Designer' and founding member of the Isobar R&D 'NowLab', after the conclusion of my first startup. Isobar was interested in applying the same entrepreneurial tools used in the Boston startup community to solving digital and physical problems for clients like Adidas and Reebok. In this role, I co-lead the partnership between Isobar and the MIT Media Lab, where we applied emerging technologies to focused applications with our existing clients. These included early uses of Affective Computing for emotion-based marketing, early phone to screen interactions using UDP connections (prior to Sockets.IO), and a world-first use of early Computer Vision to create custom experiences for Reebok.


Innovation Art Director
Boston, MA

At Digitas Boston I was hired to work on innovative projects for the P&G brands. I partnered alongside internal and external developers and designers to build and produce products in the early advertising technology world.


Excursion Boston
Boston, MA

Excursion Boston was my first major startup, created while I was still a student in Boston. Excursion was the city's first platform that tracked public transportation in real-time, offering residents a tool to know when their bus or train would arrive. Created as a practical solution to waiting for the T in the snow and ice, Excursion required nearly 2 years of lobbying the Massachusetts government to allow me access to GPS data which I could then parse into count-down information. In order to make this project profitable, I partnered with local cafes which offered discounts to commuters who would prefer to wait inside for their public transportation, tied to the length of time they would have until their train or bus arrived. A short wait would automatically offer them a drink discount, a longer wait would offer a small meal discount - a win for riders and local business.